We have industry experience and the desire to see your lawns or gardens at their best.

About us

We are a small, family owned and operated based in wollidilly, for wollidilly and the surrounding areas. We strive to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied so we can continue to keep yards and gardens all around the best they can be.

How we operate

Step 1: Contact us through our contact form below

Step 2: We'll then contact you and work out scheduling and cost depending on the size and services you specified.

Step 3: We then do all the work so you can enjoy your fresh yard, garden, or maybe both. (Keep in mind we use your bins or compost for disposal unless otherwise agreed upon)

Our Services

Yard Work

  • Lawn mowing for any residential housing
  • Lawn edges for any residential housing
  • Fertilising to give your lawn an extra boost


  • Weed removal
  • Plant relocation (Up to 1m tall)
  • Plant pruning
  • Pest weed treatment


  • Hedge pruning
  • Bush/shrub shaping

Weed Control

  • Different poisoning based on what your yard has
  • Spot reduction in your lawn
  • Pet friendly products can be used if needed

Douglas Park, 2569

South Camden, 2570

Thirlmere, 2572

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